Our Commitment


If at any time you are not completely satisfied with your private surf lesson, simply let us know. Your satisfaction is our primary concern.

I was born and raised in Southern California. At age nineteen, I met a friend who was a surfer who asked me if I wanted to go surfing. I said yes. After that first session, I fell in love. I went out that same week and bought all the wrong equipment. For the past twenty years, I have worked in various summer camps and have been relentless in trying to perfect my craft. I want to share my love of surfing and the ocean with the next generation. 

Our mission

My path to summer camps

Inspire the next generation to become stewards of the ocean, all while learning and reinforcing ocean safety. The name of the game at Ohana surf camp in Ventura is fun which acts as a catalyst for developing a respect and admiration for the ocean. In addition to camps, we also offer private surf lessons in Ventura. We want to encourage people to love the ocean and find comfort in its waves.

Mission, Vision, Values

It’s not what we do; it’s why we do it! One of the best natural resources Ventura County kids have is their ocean. At Ohana Surf Camp in Ventura, our core value and mission are to encourage stewardship of our beaches and oceans'. Our vision is to educate children about ocean safety while inspiring the next generation of ocean enthusiasts by play and exploration.  

If you're as passionate about the ocean as we are, we want you to be a surf instructor with Ohana. Find out about employment opportunities as an instructor with the #1 surf camp in Ventura.